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nerd. hardware- and software-hacker. "Full Stack Developer".🏳️‍🌈.
I try to make computers work and people happy (and not the other way around).
Be excellent to each other.

Stuff I do / can do:


2021-06 music-sync-converter (GitHub) Sync music to MP3 players, phones, flash drives for car radios and such. Detect and convert unsupported files automatically. (by container, codec, album art, character set, ...)

2020-12 pixelflut-server-dotnet (GitHub) (PixelFlut at A Pixelflut server in .NET Core that outputs its frames as MJPEG stream over HTTP.

2020-10 homeassistant-sound-player (GitHub) Plays (random) sounds, triggered by MQTT. Supports Home Assistant MQTT autodiscovery and files from disk or WebDAV.

2020-08 homeassistant-unifi-led (GitHub) Control LEDs of Unifi Access Points from Home Assistant.

2020-07 beat-saver-matcher (GitHub) Web app to match Beat Saber beatmaps to Spotify playlists.

2020-04 noaa-web-viewer (GitHub) ASP.NET Core-based viewer for NOAA satellite images (captured by a DIY receiver).

2020-03 Slush-o-Mat (GitHub) Web app to calculate the necessary amount of sugar required for slush.

2019-07 esp32-power-monitor (GitHub) Hard- and software to capture data from power meters with an S0-interface (pulse output) and write the data to InfluxDB for visualization.

2018-03 pixelflut-client-dotnet (GitHub) A Pixelflut client in .NET Core, that can dynamically generate and send >10Gbit/s of data on modern hardware.

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