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nerd. hardware- and software-hacker. "Full Stack Developer".🏳️‍🌈.
I try to make computers work and people happy (and not the other way around).
Be excellent to each other.

Stuff I do / can do:


surron-light-bee (GitHub)

Documentation of the "Sur-Ron Light Bee" electric motorcycle, including reverse engineering of RS485 BMS/vehicle bus.

isdt-cm1620 (GitHub)

Clean protocol reimplementation and documentation for ISDT CM1620 lithium battery charging modules.

tuya-ir-string-lights (GitHub)

Hardware reverse engineering and replacement firmware for cheap Tuya-based fairy lights.

car-fridge-replacement-connector (GitHub, Thingiverse, Printables)

3D printable OpenSCAD model to replace the power connector of a HCalory EC30/EC40/EC50 car fridge with an Anderson PowerPole PP45 connector.

AdbClient.NET (GitHub)

A library to remote-control Android devices via the ADB daemon (via USB or WiFi).

music-sync-converter (GitHub)

Sync music to MP3 players, phones, flash drives for car radios and so on. Detect and convert unsupported files automatically (by container, codec, album art, character set, ...), do FAT sorting, replace unsupported characters and much more.

pixelflut-server-dotnet (GitHub)

(PixelFlut at
A Pixelflut server in .NET Core that outputs its frames as MJPEG stream over HTTP.

homeassistant-sound-player (GitHub)

Plays (random) sounds, triggered by MQTT. Supports Home Assistant MQTT autodiscovery and files from disk or WebDAV.

homeassistant-unifi-led (GitHub)

Control LEDs of Unifi Access Points from Home Assistant.

beat-saver-matcher (GitHub)

Web app to match Beat Saber beatmaps to Spotify playlists.

noaa-web-viewer (GitHub)

ASP.NET Core-based viewer for NOAA satellite images (captured by a DIY receiver).

Slush-o-Mat (GitHub)

Web app to calculate the necessary amount of sugar required for slush.

esp32-power-monitor (GitHub)

Hard- and software to capture data from power meters with an S0-interface (pulse output) and write the data to InfluxDB for visualization.

pixelflut-client-dotnet (GitHub)

A Pixelflut client in .NET Core, that can dynamically generate and send >10Gbit/s of data on modern hardware.

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